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Working in the field of fluid transfer, the export of pumps, valves, instrumentation, ventilation, rotating machinery, engines and industrial supplies. We may have already contributed to a project similar to yours, to find out, do not hesitate to take a look at our gallery of activities, which lists several projects where MMPI has been solicited:


High pressure drilling, very large fountain, irrigation of several fields etc, etc ... These diverse and varied achievements have seen the day with our help:

MMPI International in the world


Office in Marseille:
Maghreb, Eastern Europe

Office in Abidjan:
Sub-Saharan Africa, Mayotte Comoros La Reunion, Middle East (Egypt / SAUDI ARABIA / Pakistan / Israel / United Arab Emirates / Oman / KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN)

Futur office in Kuala Lumpur:
Southeast Asia (Thailand / Vietnam / Malaysia / Indonesia)

MMPI International is:

  • An engineering team, design office in the field of hydraulics.
  • + 200 Suppliers in the field of Pumps and Hydraulic Accessories and Industrial Supplies.
  • Sales people, traveling around the world to best meet your requests.

You're searching for products that satisfy your demands? Our catalogue offer a wide range of solutions for any situations, you can check that here: